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Sk Power Engineering iis having worldwide exposure as Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor and Dealer of UPS System, Uninterruptible Power Supply and APC UPS system. Our company is a top seller and dealer for APC UPS in Mumbai,Thane,India ,single-phase,APC Smart-UPS,three-phase UPS power protection system designed to cost-effectively provide high levels of availability.

Back-UPS 600-2000VA

APC Back-UPS range ideally provides battery backup with surge protection for wireless networks, computers,and other electronics in homes and small offices.APC Back-UPS range is the ideal choice to protect your data and devices

  • 1100VA Inbuilt Battery UPS
  • 1KVA Inbuilt Battery UPS
  • 1.5KVA Inbuilt Battery UPS
  • 1KVA 12V External Battery UPS
  • 2KVA 24V External Battery UPS

Apc Ups Suppliers
Apc Ups Suppliers

APC Smart UPS - Line interactive UPS

APC Smart-UPS Line Interactive designed and applications in small and medium businesses and support servers, storage, networking.APC Smart-UPS Line provide greater reliability and highly efficient network grade power at low, medium and high load levels. APC Smart-UPS Line Interactive models are available in Rack Mount, Rack/Tower with the option to add external batteries to extend run times especially.

  • 1KVA Inbuilt Battery UPS
  • 3KVA UPS Inbuilt Battery
  • 3KVA UPS External Battery
  • 2.2KVA UPS External Battery

APC Smart UPS - Online UPS

APC Smart-UPS Online range provides high density and online power protection for servers & data networks, medical labs and light industrial applications. APC Smart-UPS Online require long hour duration runtimes and software to ensure additional safety for network operating systems during power shutdowns and voltage fluctuations.APC Smart-UPS Online models are available and capable of supporting loads of 1 – 20 KVA,15 & 20 KVA models.Smart-UPS Online range of safety features such as internal bypass, input power factor correction and much more

  • 1SRC1KI-IN - 1KVA Online UPS Inbuilt Battery
  • SRC2000XLI-CC - 2KVA Online UPS Inbuilt Battery
  • SRC3000XLI-CC - 3KVA Online UPS Inbuilt Battery
  • SURTD5000XLI-CC - 5KVA Online UPS Inbuilt Battery
  • SURT6000XLI-CC - 6KVA Online UPS Inbuilt Battery
  • SRCE6KUXI - 6KVA Online UPS External battery
  • SRC10KUXI - 10KVA Online UPS External battery
  • SURT15KUXI-IN - 15KVA Online UPS External battery
  • SURT20KUXI-IN - 20KVA Online UPS External battery
Apc Ups Suppliers